Will McNicol & Luke Selby, Collaborators/ Musicians

Since their formation as a duo in mid-2013, multi award-winning acousti guitarist Will McNicol and drummer Luke Selby have been gaining rave reviews for their live performances, touring all ove
r the UK and even playing as far afield as Africa. Both highly respected and in-demand instrumentalists in their respective fields, the combination of Will’s melodic fingerstyle playing on both steel and nylon string guitars and Luke’s intricate rhythms on kit and percussion has been making a unique impression.

Setting themselves a mission of traversing the globe in their live performances, the duo draw on influences from Brazilian sambas through to driving West-African rhythms, Celtic folk melodies to North American foot-stamping blues numbers. Combining this worldwide diversity with Will & Luke’s virtuosic instrumental and sensitive musicality has created an exhilarating live show, full of surprises which have gained them more than a few standing ovations. Their passion for musical traditions from around the world has culminated in a collection of diverse original compositions, as well as-reworking’s of seminal works in a variety of genres, which have been released as their debut album “Hitchhiker”.

Receiving praise from both gig-goers and music-press alike, Will & Luke are excited to take their performances to more venues across the UK and beyond in their upcoming tours.


Kevin Clifford- Photography

Josh Hawkins- Photography

Brett Harvey – Film Director

John Freddy Jones- Film Director

Head High Productions- Site Specific film production

Jason Yeoman- Film & Photography

Jamie Smith- Lighting/ technician

Tim Hardy- Lighting/ technician

Melaine Le Bars- Lighting/ technician

Meier Williams- Costume Designer

Mentors or supporters-

Theo Clinkard

Chris Fogg

Angus Balbernie,

June Gamble,

Claire Summers

Benjamin Dunks,

Adam Benjamin

Corey Baker (Corey Baker Dance),

Pare Randall (New Zealand),

Sachiko Soro (Vou Dance Company)

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